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NPF Sugar Glider Taste Plus 220g

NPF Sugar Glider Taste Plus 220g


NPF Sugar Glider Taste Plus 220g

NPF Sugar Glider Taste Plus 220g easily support the health maintenance of the sugar glider in one plate with 10 different selected ingredients containing lactic acid bacteria blend together. Sugar Glider will have a good meal with the nutritional balance. They will definitely enjoy the taste of each flavor and have complete fun in every meal.

Defatted soybean, beet pulp, chicken meal, glucose, brewer’s yeast, cheese powder, alfafa, carrot powder, vegetable oil, egg yolk powder, apple powder, dried banana, oligosaccharide, eggshell powder, dried chamomile, dried rosemary, mulberry leaf powder, dandelion powder, plantain powder, yeast extract (a source of nucleotides), Agaricus (Glucan source), lactic acid bacteria (Enterococcus faecalis), minerals (calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, the second calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, cobalt sulfate, iron sulfate, magnesium sulfate, ferrous fumarate, managanese sulfate, aluminium hydroxide), an amino acid (DL-methionine, taurine), vitamins (choline chloride, C, niacin, E, B6, calcium D-pantothenic acid, A, B2, B1, folic acid, K, B12, D3), emulsifier, acidulant, flavoring), cabbage, flaked corn, carrot, mealworms, sunflower, grape, pineapple, apple, banana.

Made in Japan

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